Spotlight On: David Clemens

Our Spotlight On series was created to give us the chance to show off our amazing staff, volunteers and donors--without whom Miller Auditorium would not be what it is today.
David Clemens is our Sound Engineer here at Miller Auditorium. He has a lot of responsibilities that involve audio, video, communications, as well as networking basically any electronic device that is not a lighting instrument. He has been at Miller for 19 years! In that time, he has seen many performances, some of his recent favorites were the first two Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra at the Movies events, Alice in Wonderland and Ratatouille.
Outside of his work, Dave enjoys reading sci-fi, cosplay and modding video games. He also says that the fictional character he most identifies with is Lirael from the book by Garth Nix because she is considered an eccentric and prefers solitude to company. When asked about the most useless talent he has, he points to his ability to get his eyes to point in different directions. Thanks to Dave for all he does to help make Miller Auditorium a great place to visit.