Sponsor Spotlight: Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc.

Lake Michigan Mailers Spotlight LogoA proud sponsor of the Lake Michigan Mailers Spotlight series for over 12 years, we value Miller Auditorium’s partnership with local business, Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc.

Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. is a leading provider of document creation, mail assembly, mail processing, presorting, data management, document management, digital marketing, and distribution solutions to companies, schools, colleges and universities, health care providers, governmental entities, and organizations throughout the world.

A family owned and managed company since 1977, Lake Michigan Mailers services their customers through our state-of-the-art facilities located in Kalamazoo, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana. Their integrated facility network provides customers with secure, redundant capabilities that ensure expedited processing through the use of cutting-edge technology.

David Rhoa, President of Lake Michigan Mailers Inc., is an active community member and a vocal supporter of Miller: We are proud to have Miller Auditorium as a strategic marketing partner.  Not only has our sponsorship of Miller Auditorium assisted us in effectively reaching our customers, and prospective customers, it has allowed us to actively engage with our community at a personal level. Our partnership with Miller Auditorium has provided us with an ideal venue through which we can exercise our company’s core values and make a positive impact on the quality of life in our region.  Our efforts to bring world-class entertainment to underserved communities, and take a leadership role in special events like this winter's STOMP Out Hunger Food Drive which provided over 4000 lbs. of donations to area food banks, have all been made possible through our valued partnership with Miller Auditorium.

For more information on Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc., visit http://barcodemail.com/