Hot on Broadway & Now on Tour: Once


Have you ever gone to a play or musical and thought, “Wow, I’d like to have a drink with those guys”? If so, we think you might enjoy the stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning film Once. The musical has been called “a small-scale but warmly affecting show, crafted with profound respect for the power of music” featuring a “love story, great songs, compelling characters and inventive stagecraft.” Once is the recipient of 8 Tony Awards, including the award for Best Musical. Having just ended its two-year run on Broadway, this hit show is now on the road.

Featuring a cast of actors that double as the show’s musicians, Once is styled after an Irish pub concert. Before the show, audience members are invited to have a drink with the cast from the on stage bar as they perform Irish standards in what feels like an intimate gathering at a local pub. The story revolves around Guy, a singer/songwriter who meets a woman known as “Girl,” just as he is contemplating giving up on his music career. After she convinces him to keep at it, the two form a working relationship as they, along with their odd cast of bar comrades, start a band and record a music demo.

The relationship between Guy and Girl becomes more than that of just bandmates, and evolves into a complex and compelling love story. With a hilarious cast of characters including Girl’s Czech roommates, and a grumpy music store owner, a soundtrack of naturally occurring songs (you won’t find any spontaneous bursts into song here) and the enthralling love story between Guy and Girl, Once is sure to make you realize the true power of music.

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