Busting Myths with MythBusters Jamie & Adam UNLEASHED!

Busting Myths with MythBusters Jamie & Adam UNLEASHED!

Can 1,000 bees really make a laptop lift off? Can you be killed by household appliances falling into your bathtub?  Or the question most of us have wondered in our lifetime, do plants have feelings? All of these myths have been uncovered on Discovery Channel’s Emmy nominated show MythBusters© and now you can be part of the fun when the live tour, Jamie & Adam UNLEASHED!, arrives at Miller on April 17.

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have been busting myths since 2003 and they won’t stop anytime soon! Created by Peter Rees, MythBusters follows Jamie, Adam and their team as they set out to use scientific methods to test ancient rumors, myths and even news stories for validity. With their experiments and explosive use of science and fun, MythBusters continues to be one of Discovery Channel’s most watched shows.

Though Jamie and Adam are the main hosts of the show, another star is their infamous stunt dummy, Buster.  Described as being from humble beginnings, Buster made his big break in 2003 after a long run of failed gigs and has been getting launched, burned and catapulted ever since.

Now, Jamie, Adam and Buster have set off on their North American Tour, Jamie & Adam UNLEASHED!, and are promising to bring an unexpected evening of on-stage experiments, audience participation and great behind-the-scenes stories. Fans will be given a chance to assist in their mind twisting and Jamie and Adam’s not always orthodox approach to science.

Don’t miss Jamie and Adam live on stage in MythBusters @ Jamie & Adam UNLEASHED! at Miller on Friday, April 17 at 8 p.m. tickets are available now at http://www.millerauditorium.com/mythbusters-jamie-adam-unleashed