Behind the Scenes: Marana Group

For over 15 years, Lake Michigan Mailers has been a sponsor for Miller Auditorium, including serving as a title sponsor for our Lake Michigan Mailers Spotlight Series. We have always had a wonderful relationship with Lake Michigan Mailers and we are excited to let you know that they are changing their name! Starting on January 1, 2019, Lake Michigan Mailers will be known as Marana Group.
Marana is an Irish word meaning “think,” making the company a think group! This is a wonderful way to describe their work. Lake Michigan Mailers is a family owned and managed company offering document creation, mail assembly, mail processing, presorting, data management, digital marketing and distribution solutions. They do so much for Miller Auditorium and businesses throughout Kalamazoo and beyond and we are excited to continue this partnership. 
Learn more about Marana Group and the services they offer at