Architecture in Motion with DIAVOLO


If you are a fan of dance, then you won’t want to miss DIAVOLO – Architecture in Motion, coming to Miller Auditorium on April 21. The show’s performers “use abstract and recognized structures to explore the relationship between the danger of our environment and the fragility of the human body.” The show uses a unique blend of various styles of movement such as ballet, hip hop, martial arts and gymnastics to create a display of visual artistry that is sure to leave you astounded.

DIAVOLO was formed in 1992 by French-born choreographer Jacques Heim. Based in Los Angeles, the group has since expanded into multiple companies across the globe, and has traveled to over a dozen countries on tour. The group’s visionary work has led to collaborations with such organizations as DanceBrazil, The Los Angeles Philharmonic and Cirque du Soleil. In 2012, the company founded the Diavolo Institute, which regularly hosts master classes, training sessions, and community workshops.

DIAVOLO – Architecture in Motion is an exploration of human movement that you are sure to enjoy, so buy your tickets today! For more information on the company and to see their art in motion, visit For tickets, visit